All One Healing

Soul Centered Body and Energy Work


"Renee is serious about making my life better.  She worked my body like she was an ocean, blending lomi lomi, neuro-repatterning, and Swedish strokes.  It gave my inner smile something to grin about.  After the session it was easier to make small adjustments to my posture because I was so much more aware.  Renee talked about accenting our bodies' natural unwinding process.  That we just need to rediscover them and give ourselves the care we need.  I look forward to my next session with her to learn more about me."

Kampol Crews, Healer

“Renee is first and foremost a wonderful human being with a great personality and sense of integrity that is to be admired. She also is excellent at what she does, which is to provide a space for healing to occur while using a variety of body-work techniques to facilitate this process. I recommend her for anyone looking to heal themselves through the modality of hands on body-work and the compassionate care of a gentle soul.” 

Joseph Acquah, LAc, Tai Chi Master

"Renee is a sensitive and caring healer who brings a great deal of presence and knowledge of the body to her work."

Lynn Marie Lumiere, Transpersonal and Somatic Therapist