All One Healing work includes:

  • Myofascial Release and Intuitive Unwinding of restrictive patterns
  • Breathing and Oxygenating body and brain
  • Shiatsu - Energy Meridian flow clearing during hand-on bodywork
  • Lomi lomi - Hawaiian healing (Ho'oponopono), Soothing flowing along Acu-meridians
  • Thai Massage - stretching and partner-yoga for deep relief of chronic tightness
  • Reversing musculoskeletal amnesia - trigger point, deep tissue and movement therapies
  • Empowerment in Listening to your Body's Voice
  • Identifying freeing movements and exercises for mind-body-emotion integration
  • Restorative and Rehabilative work following injury or strain
  • Workplace ergonomics - small changes for big improvements


Intuition is activated for both client and practitioner in session, aimed at getting to the heart of the matter that may be showing up as pain, restriction, disease or stress

All One Healing

Soul Centered Body and Energy Work