All One Healing

Soul Centered Body and Energy Work


Since age 10 when she developed scoliosis or curvature of the spine and wore a back brace for three years, Renee has been fascinated with the human body and mind. She came to rely on intuitive "unwinding" movements as a therapeutic modality to alleviate pain, restriction, and neuro-muscular amnesia.  Her learning includes both formal schooling and traditional hands-on apprenticeships with advanced practitioners and elders in the Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono, or loosely translated to bring all things and beings into harmonious relationship.  She sees a wide variety of clients and combines several modalities blending East and West in myofascial release, Acupressure, TuiNa, Thai Massage, therapeutic stretching designed to fine-tune your own intuitive unwinding and release movements. 

The body's intelligence communicates when invited into awareness.  Often simply relaxing deeply allows enough quiet in the mind so that the body's releasing movements come forward ~ a "yoga" of one's own design can come forth ~ Renee simply calls this internally-spirited yoga each person's intuitive unwinding.  Her work is primarily a non-verbal movement-conversation with you; and any noticing of new awareness is prompted by you the client. 

"Interoception" is a special kind of perception in which one can come to sense body-wisdom more keenly. This perception can help you know the condition of internal states, for example, of a vital organ or how nerve energies are flowing or blocked through an organ-system.  Each "chakra" (loosely translated as "spinning wheel") is a way of recognizing that our major organs have a corresponding glandular system, and the organ-gland system correlates with a chakra having sound and light properties in a biological being, that is you.  There is rhythm and flow of not only fluids and nerves, but a vibrational component to being embodied.   Our body is always sounding and sparking if you will, and being embodied invites us to  harmonize and attune with Nature, with the universe of which we are a unique part ~ an invitation to more easily and habitually live and be in that harmony.