All One Healing

Soul Centered Body and Energy Work


We may be amidst the steel and cement, and still bloom brilliantly wherever we are planted ~  for "indeed we all are walking trees, and flowers ... floating in a river of breeze."

All One Healing work is dedicated to Freedom and the Joy of Life.

We are multi-faceted beings and all the facets of ourselves are connected to our bodies - emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and spirituality.  When we free up vital energy blockages and address musculoskeletal imbalances in the body, we are also helping to clear the way for you to harness and direct healing  power through your self as a whole.  Our body-intelligence is affected by thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and the emotional and vibrational tones within and around us.  We are called to fine-tune ourselves through our embodied selves.  When two or more people come together with conscious intent, we can be catalysts and keepers of healing "tones" for eachother in this attunement.  We can help eachother open the ways to freedom and joy as sources of life.

People are resilient and do rise to the challenges we face, navigating difficulties or carving new paths; but all too often in our modern complex world, stress becomes more of a burden and drain than part of a healthy challenge.  It is this kind of debilitating stress without real relief, that over time leads to the degeneration of our bodies and our joy.   All One Healing sessions are unique encounters for each individual, built upon reconnecting you to a deep relationship with your own resources of healing, and also allowing the trusted support of another to empower what is already enlivening for you, and to bring in greater nourishment to help you become your own first-response intuitive healer ~ an inborn capacity and an evolving and joyful way to grow.

--  Renee Yamagishi, CMT